Laplandia Vodka


Super Premium Vodka

Subtle, delicious and pure, Laplandia Vodka is a super premium product, both inside, with the award winning smoothness, and outside, expressing its delicate, snow white Lappish appearance. Produced at the Saimaa Beverages plant, located on the shores of Lake Saimaa. The lake offers one of the best waters in the world.

It’s time to experience the authentic taste of the north and deep winter chill. Enjoy each shot of Laplandia Vodka and dream of Lappish nights lit by the cool fire of the Northern Lights.

Laplandia Açai
Açai berries flavored vodka

The Açai berries are considered today the healthiest and nutritionally richest berries in the world. Their incredible content of antioxidants and vitamins is one of nutrition experts’ favorite topics lately. Laplandia Açai Shot combines the best attributes of the Açai berries and the essence of Laplandia Vodka, bringing you a unique mix, both in taste and texture.

Laplandia Lemon
Lemon flavored vodka

Subtle, delicious and sweet, Laplandia Lemon Shot is a super premium vodka enriched with a delicate touch of lemon, making it go down smoothly on while being refreshing. It’s the perfect shot for anyone who appreciates mild sweetness or is sensitive to stronger drinks.

Laplandia Mint
Mint flavored vodka

Refreshing, delicious and sweet, Laplandia Mint Shot is a super premium vodka empowered by a cooling mint flavor bringing you to experience an authentic winter breeze. The Mint brings it a mild natural sweetness that makes it go down smoothly while leaving behind a fresh minty breath.

Laplandia Espresso
Coffee flavored vodka

Rich, delicious and fresh, Laplandia Espresso Shot is a super premium coffee flavored vodka tailored to represent the  perfect combination of Finnish vodka production capabilities and Finnish coffee making skills. Finland, known for its unique water resources, is also the world’s number one coffee consuming nation. Laplandia Espresso Shot is great for anything, from a dessert to any meal or simply a kick to get the night going.