Moses Celebration Wines

Red Blend
Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot

Carefully selected Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes create a complex wine challenging the most sophisticated palate with crisp fruity flavors and a hint of spices. Best served at room temperature, it is a most suitable accompaniment to light meat and pasta dishes as well as cheeses.

Semi-Sweet White
Emerald Riesling/Muscat

Carefully selected Emerald Riesling and Muscat grapes create a complex wine, challenging the most sophisticated palate with a hint of spices and fruits, resulting in an elegant and delicate wine. Best served chilled, it is a most suitable accompaniment to light meat, fish, pasta, and cheeses.

Cava Brut
Sparking Wine

Produced in the Champenoise traditional method which entitles it to be labeled Cava. The grapes are carefully fermented and aged for months, resulting in a crisp bubbly wine reflecting its origin and heritage in the catalan region of Spain. It is the perfect sparkling wine for all those special occasions and celebrations.

Semi-Sweet Red
Traditional Sacramental

Carignan and Muscat grapes are carefully selected and harvested at peak maturity and blended to an ancient traditional Jerusalem recipe. Today’s sophisticated palates will note hints of spices and fruits, resulting in a rich feel and finish. In addition to its traditional use for Kiddush & Havdalah, this wine will enhance and complement light dishes and desserts.

Moses Vodka

Super Premium Vodka & Date Infused

Distilled from the finest organic sugarcane—the first of its kind, gives Moses' Vodka its smooth, subtly sweet, unique flavor and texture. It is distilled in Finland in a state of the art distillery located deep in Arctic Circle utilizing thousand year old glacial waters with purity second to none.

Moses Super Premium Vodkas have been winning awards against more recognized “world class” brands. Most recently 17 judges in a blind taste competition conducted by The Fifty Best – the Guide to Fine Living described Moses Date Vodka as “Definitely date, honey, vanilla, raisin, hazelnut, very smooth, balanced, unique, sipable, very nice, party on your palate, delightful.” and awarded it Double Gold medals in the 2013 50 Best Flavored Vodka category.